We are very proud of our Preschool Program. It is important for children to have a good feeling about themselves and a mastery of their bodies at an early age. Also, movement basics are an integral part of the reading and learning process. Since most preschoolers have a relatively short attention span, these basics are best taught when fun is involved. Through an entertaining and game like format, children will be able to accomplish the objectives set forth. Try one of our Creative Movement classes for 3 & 4 year olds and your child will learn basics in both tap & ballet as well as gross motor skills. Or maybe your young child is better suited to a hip hop class.
Classes for older students tend to be more structured but still have time for enjoyable activities. Our advanced dancers are given the opportunity to enter into various workshops and competitions around the country. Our studio is greatly enriched by these workshops, which keep both students and instructors current and gives us something to strive for.
We are excited about the new school year as we have many programs to offer. Our entire Academy is dedicated to promote the various arts. With several independently owned businesses offering the best of dance, music and drama under one roof. Please call for more information. 856-881-5930
We are always interested in new and exciting ways to serve. If you have a suggestion or are interested in some form of dance that we donít currently offer please give us a call or drop us a line at
Please check our class schedule page to view the new offerings this season.