LDS Competition Team


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Wild About Dance

April 22 & 23, 2017 Norristown, PA.

Kacie – Better When I’m Dancing - Junior tap Solo Intermediate -  Platinum and 1st in Category
Rebecca – We Don’t Have To – Senior Lyrical Solo Intermediate – Platinum and 9th Overall
Natalia – Sounds of Silence – Senior Lyrical Solo Intermediate – Diamond, 1st Place in Category, 2nd Place Overall and Special Judges Award – Wild About Technique
Saturday Evening Awards:
Lauren – You don’t Own me – Petite Jazz Solo Advanced– High Gold
Cori, Haleigh, Danielle & Olivia – Mom - Small Group Petite Jazz Intermediate - Platinum and 1st Place in category
Emma - Rather Be – Junior Tap Solo Advanced- Platinum
Sunday results:
Morning Session:
Bethany – Broadway Banana – Tap Solo Novice – Platinum, 1st place in Category, 3rd Place Overall
Afternoon and Evening Session:
Michaela – It’s all About That Base – Senior Jazz Solo Advanced – High Platinum, 6th Place Overall
Lauren & Morgan – Paint it Black – Senior Contemporary Duet Advanced – Platinum, 1st Place in Category, 5th Place Overall
Michaela &  Hayley – Sisters – Teen Open Duet – High Platinum,1st in Category, 3rd Place Overall
Imma Bee – Junior Hip Hop Small Group Advanced – Platinum, 3rd Place Overall
Eli Eli – Senior Contemporary Small Group Advanced – Platinum
Waiting Game – Senior Jazz Small Group Advanced – Platinum, 3rd Place Overall
Wonka – Musical Theater Production Advanced – High Platinum, 1st Place in Category
Photogenic Awards were given to:
Bethany – under 11
Michaela – over 11  


March 25, Trenton, New Jersey

Way to go, team LDS!

Wonka - High Gold. 1st Place in Category. Musical Theater ~ Entire Team -
Choreographer - Miss Alex

Broadway Banana - High Gold. "Too Cute" - Energy Elite Judges Award. 1st Place in Category. ~ Bethany - Petite Tap Solo -
Choreographer - Miss Abbie

You Don't Own Me - High Gold. ~ Lauren - Petite Jazz Solo -
Choreographer - Miss Alex

Mom - High Gold. ~ Petite Jazz Team Small group -
Choreographer - Miss Alex

Imma Bee - High Gold. 1st Place in Category ~ Petite Hip Hop Small Group -
Choreographer - Miss Sarah

Better When I'm Dancing - High Gold. ~ Kacie - Junior Tap Solo -
Choreographer - Miss Haley

Rather Be - High Gold. 10th Place Overall ~ Emma - Junior Tap Solo -
Choreographer - Miss Haley

*** LDS Awarded a $250.00 entry fee scholarship to Nationals. Only 2 studioswere given this award.

Sisters- High Gold First place in Category. Perfect Pairing - Energy Elite Award. Senior Tap Duet ~ Michaela & Hayley -
Choreographer - Miss Abbie

Eli Eli - High Gold. Energy Elite Judges Award to Broadway Dance Workshop inNYC - $250. for each team member. First Place in Category. Ninth Highest Score in entire Competition. ~ Contemporary Senior Team -
Choreographer - Miss LaNise

Sounds of Silence- High Gold. Second Place in Category ~ Natalia - Senior Lyrical Solo -
Choreographer - Miss LaNise

Waiting Game- High Gold. First Place in Category. Energy Elite Award ~ Senior Jazz Team -
Choreographer - Miss Alex

 We Don't Have To- High Gold ~ Rebecca - Senior Lyrical Solo -
Choreographer - Miss Haley

 All About That Base - High Gold ~ Michaela -Senior Jazz Solo -
Choreographer - Miss Sarah

Painted Black- High Gold ~ Lauren & Morgan's Senior Contemporary Duet -
Choreographer - Miss LaNise

Morgan received a finalist award for Open Improv. Dance Off

Shout out to Kacie, Michaela & Lauren P. who also entered the Improv. Competition.... way to go girls!!!


Congratulations to Let's Dance Studio's Competition Team!
We are very proud of you.


Broadway Banana





You Don't Own Me


Eli Eli


Waiting Game with choreographer Miss Alex


Painted Black with choreographer Miss LaNise


Better When I'm Dancing




We Don't Have To


Rather Be


Sounds Of Silence


All About That Bass


Imma Bee