LDS Competition Team


True Talent

March 19 & 20 @ Manahawkin New Jersey

So Proud of Team LDS

Titanium – Kacie & Madison – tap/hoofing duo – High Gold and 1st Place in category
Always Be My Home – Jr. 9/10 lyrical small group– High gold & 1st place in category – Also 2nd overall of all junior entries
Forever Young – Jr. 11/12 lyrical small group – High Gold & 1st Place in category
Turbulence – Jr. 11/12 Hip Hop Production – Platinum & 1st Place in category, selected for production showdown in Nationals – no entry fee required ( it is a freebie) & high score partial scholarship for the fall workshop, “Rock This City”.
Shut Up & Dance – Jr. 9/10 tap small group – High Gold & 1st Place in category & Judges Award for "Teamwork & Tenacity" for turning the small group into a trio by working hard to change choreography
Hercules – Jr. 11/12 Musical Theater Production – Platinum & 2nd Place in category
Toxic – Rose – senior 17/18 - contemporary solo – High Gold
Without a Word – Lexi – teen 15/16 lyrical solo – Platinum & 1st place in category, 3rd place overall, selected for Judges Dance Warz at Nationals, Scholarship for Fall Workshop  “Rock This City”.
Burning House – Michaela – teen 15/16 lyrical solo – High Gold & 3rd place overall in category
I Was Here – Moriah – teen 17/18 lyrical solo – High Gold
Bills – Morgan, Rebecca & Taina – teen 13/14 tap trio – High Gold & 1st Place in category & Judges Award "Right On time"
Permanent – Lauren & Morgan – teen 15/16 contemporary duo – High Gold & 1st in category

Grow – Sophia - Jr. 11/12 lyrical solo – Platinum & 2nd place. Special judges”Storyteller” award. Selected for Dance Warz at Nationals. Sophia was also crowned as Junior Miss True Talent. 4th place overall high score. Scholarship for Summer Intensive in New York city.
Courage Is – Emma – Jr. 11/12 lyrical solo – High Gold & 5th place in category.
Photogenic Award – Madison – High Gold
Summer Thing – Teen 15/16 small group jazz – High Gold & 1st in category.
A Little Too Much – Teen 15/16 small group lyrical – Platinum & 1st place in category, 4th overall & special judges “Unison” award.









Congratulations to Let's Dance Studio's Competition Team!
We are very proud of you.
True Talent Nationals, July 16 - 19

Boogie Woogie Bugle Girls, Haley & Sarah: Platinum, 1st place in category, 1st place overall

Safe And Sound, Lauren & Mitchell: Platinum, 1st place in category, 1st Place Overall, Outstanding Choreography Award, Truly Talented Duo/Trio 12 & Under Award

Bling, Emma, Kyle, Mitchell, Lauren, Elaine, Kacie: High Gold, 1st in category, 7th place overall

Whole Lotta Love, Sarah: Platinum, 1st place in category

Read All About It, Haley: Platinum 2nd place in category, 6th place overall

Toxic, Haley: Platinum 1st place in category, 3rd place overall

I Will Be, Kelsey: High Gold "These Beautiful Young Ladies also recieved Studio Award for Musicality Ages 13 & Up"

Mitchel Savitsky: 1st place photogenic, 1st place 8 and Under Improv

Haley: 1st place for Senior Improv competition

Haley, Sarah and True Talent director Keira

Sarah and Haley, participants in True Talent Nationals Dance Warzs.Sarah was Team Lime and Haley was Team Magenta. Team Magenta won the contest. Congrats to Haley & the rest of her team. All 3 teams were amazing!!!

Ticket To Broadway, April 2015

Forever and a Day Always – Gold and 3rd place in category

Truly Brave – Gold  and 5th place in category

Safe & Sound – Lauren & Mitchell - High Gold and 1st place in category & 2nd place overall

Bling – High Gold and 1st place in category & 6th place overall

Kidz these Days – High Gold and 1st in category & 5th place overall

London Bridge – Platinum and 2nd place in category & 3rd place overall

Come with Me Now – Gold & 4th place in category

Photogenic Award – Mitchell Savitsky High gold & 1st Place in category
Gold Senior Jazz Group - Platinum
Concrete Jungle Senior Hip Hop Group- Gold
Boogie Woogie Bugle Girls Senior TapTrio - Haley, Michaela & Sarah - High Gold
Toxic Senior Tap Solo - Haley - High Gold
Read All About It Senior Lyrical Solo - Haley - Platinum
One Step Forward Two Steps Back Senior Modern Group - Gold
Fire Senior Modern Solo - Alexis -
Whole Lotta Love Senior Hip Hop Solo - Sarah -
Try Senior Lyrical Solo - Michela -
I Will Be Senior Lyrical Solo - Kelsea -
Hallelujah Intermediate Lyrical Solo - Sophia -
Dance with My Father Again Intermediate Lyrical Solo - Amelia -
Bravo, April 2015

Sophia – Hallelujah - Platinum - 1st place in category – 1st place overall

Amelia – Dance With My Father - Elite High Gold

Michaela –Try -  Platinum & 9th place overall

Madison – Photogenic Award

Safe & Sound Duet – Junior Lyrical Duet – Platinum & 1st place overall

London Bridge – Intermediate Jazz - Platinum – 8th Place Overall & Cool Concept Judges Award

Bling – Junior Hip Hop – Platinum – 2nd Place Overall

Forever & A Day Always – Junior Lyrical – Elite High Gold – 4th Place Overall

Truly Brave – Intermediate Lyrical – Platinum – 5th Place Overall

Come with Me Now – Intermediate Hip Hop – High Gold

Sarah – Whole Lotta Love – Elite High gold

Alexis – Fire – Elite High Gold

Kelsea – I Will Be – Elite High Gold

Haley – Toxic – Platinum

Haley - Read All About It – Platinum – 10th Place Overall & Full Scholarship to NSI Dance Convention in Chicago ( only 1 awarded from all Senior Solo’s)

Gold - Senior Jazz- Elite High Gold

One Step Forward Two Steps Back – Senior Modern – Elite High Gold
Concrete Jungle – Senior Hip Hop- Elite High Gold

Kids these Days – Musical Theater – Platinum – 2nd Overall  

Boogie Woogie Bugle Girls – Platinum – 8th Overall & Judges Award “Super Stars”

That's Entertainment Talent Competition, Lancaster Pa. 3/28-29

Musical Theater

Kidz These Days – “Judges Award – Well Rehearsed”     Solid Gold + & 1st place in category

Junior Hip Hop

Bling – Solid Gold +

Intermediate Hip Hop

Come with Me Now – Solid Gold

Intermediate Jazz

London Bridge – Solid Gold +

Junior Lyrical

Forever and a Day Always – Solid Gold and 1st place in category

Intermediate Lyrical

Truly Brave – Sold Gold + and 2nd place in category

Senior Tap Trio

Boogie Woogie Bugle Girls – Haley, Michaela & Sarah – Platinum

Senior Hip Hop Solo

Whole Lotta Love – Sarah – Solid Gold +

Senior Lyrical Solo

Try – Michaela – Solid Gold +

Senior Tap Solo

Toxic – Haley – “Judges Award – Tap Diva” – Solid Gold +

Senior Lyrical Solo

I Will Be – Kelsea – Solid Gold +

Senior Lyrical Solo

Read All About It – Haley – Platinum + and 1st place in category

Senior Modern Solo

Fire – Alexis –Solid Gold + and 2nd place in category

Junior Lyrical Duet

Safe and Sound – Lauren & Mitchell – Solid Gold +

Photography Award

Mitchell Savitsky – 1st place overall

Intermediate Lyrical Solo

Hallelujah – Sophia – “Judges Award – Dances Like an Angel” – Platinum – 1st place in category

Intermediate Lyrical Solo

Dance with My Father – Amelia – Solid Gold +

Senior Modern

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back – Platinum – 2nd place Overall

Senior Jazz

Gold – “Judges Award – Stole the Show” – Platinum – 1st place Overall

Senior Hip Hop

Concrete Jungle – Solid Gold + - 3rd place Overall


True Talent Dance Competition at Rowan University, 3/7/2015

Mitchell – Photography entry 1st Place & Platinum Award

Lauren & Mitchell – Safe & Sound lyrical duet Competitive level (Miss Noelle) – Great Musicality & Stage Artistry Judges Award - 1st place, 1st place overall & highest score overall for 12 & under duets/trios – Platinum Award

Kelsea – I Will Be Lyrical Solo 17-18 Competitive Level ( Miss Noelle) 1st Place in Category– Platinum Award

Haley – Toxic Tap Solo 17-18 Competitive Level Self Choreography – Dance Wars Award – Choreography Judges Award – 1st Place in Category – 1st Place Overall for Solos – Platinum Award – Also won an invitation to attend a summer intensive in NYC.

Sarah – Whole Lotta Love Hip Hop Solo– 17-18 Competitive Level (Miss Lindsay)- Dance Wars Award - Hot Rocking Chick Judges Award - 1st Place in Category – 3rd Place Overall for Solos – Platinum Award – Also won an invitation to attend a summer intensive  in NYC.

Pictures from 2013-2014